Exploring Your Family Tree: Resources for Seniors to Share the Joy of Genealogy with Their Loved Ones

Genealogy is a captivating hobby for people of all ages. It’s not only an opportunity to learn about your family’s history, it’s a wonderful way to learn about yourself. As a senior, it’s also a meaningful way to spend time with the younger generations in your family, including your grown children and your grandkids. 

If you’ve never taken the leap into the world of genealogy, it’s a great time to start! Our guide will help you learn about and start exploring this engaging pastime with every member of your family.

History of Genealogy

Although genealogy has become increasingly popular in recent years, it has a rich and fascinating history that dates as far back as biblical times. These resources offer a look into the roots of genealogy.

How to Get Started with Genealogical Research

Hiring a professional genealogist is one option for learning about your family’s storied past, but where’s the fun in that? These resources break down how to get started in this pastime on your own.

Genealogy Activities for Kids

Exploring your family’s origins is a great way to bond with your grandchildren. To keep the experience from feeling too much like a history lesson, try the activities suggested in these articles.

How to Display Your Family’s History

Once you’ve made discoveries about your heritage, showcasing them in your home is a fun and meaningful conversation piece when guests come over. Here are a few ideas for presenting your familial facts. Bonus points for getting the grandkids to help you create your works of art!

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